Xien Tsu " Jade"


An old man of Chinese descent with long snow white hair and beard. He seems to have a severe expression permanently etched onto his face.


Xien Tsu was once a great military leader with many conquests. Some would say he could never be defeated, he himself made the mistake of saying “No one alive can hurt me”. On the night he made this claim he came home to a horrific sight his wife and children had been slaughtered by Ninube ninja. Consumed by grief he went to the estate of his chief rival and murdered him and his family while they slept. Once the rage and the blood lust died down overwhelming guilt descended upon him. Once he realized what he had done he fled to the Iron dragon monastery and confessed his crimes to abbot Shu.

Master Jade arrived in Birmingham at the request of Abbot Shu, to begin training Akiko Ninube into the ways of Akashic Brotherhood. Master Jade is a very strict mentor to the point of placing a death curse on her should she fail to return to receive his training every week. He has also restricted her to a diet of water and gruel. Because of his history with the Ninube clan, he judges Akiko harshly and is looking at an excuse to do away with her should she fail to meet his expectations. She is slowly earning his respect through sheer perseverance to his demanding training regimen.

Master Jade was rendered comatose, recovering from crippling wounds received while battling The Child of Night. He was under the care of The Martyrs for a time before being transported to the Iron Dragon Monastery in China. Zhao Shu “Iron”, Akiko Ninube, and the monks of the Iron Monastery performed a three day ritual to heal Master Jade’s mind. However, upon awakening, Master Jade revealed he no longer possesses any memories of his family, blaming Akiko as this was the second time his family had been stolen from him. Master Jade is currently recovering in the Monastery under the wisdom of Master Iron.

Following his recovery, he resumed his duties at the monastery. He was integral in the assault on the Ninube compound, and his actions directly led to the death of Karasu Ninube.

Xien Tsu " Jade"

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