A likeable kingpin


A childhood friend from Rory‘s gang. Woody is charming and charismatic, gregarious and friendly. Rory and Woody have each other’s back. Woody is the de facto leader of the group, but he functions less as tyrant and more as a paternal, social-glue for the disenfranchised skinheads.

Woody has acted as a fixer for The Misfits a number of times. He can sell illegal items and get illegal items, such as guns, without too much difficulty. Woody relies on Rory to help him with big scores, such as those offered by John Bull. Woody used to live in a cramped and dirty bed-sit, but recently took up residence at The Church of the First Blood, where he spends some of his time working for both Rory and his cult, and Nicholas Black‘s interests in Birmingham’s criminal element.

The Misfits introduced Woody into the world of magik, and while he cannot use it himself, he does not contribute to the forces of reality when it comes to magik and paradox. Woody took the information in stride, indicating he suspected something of the sort as the group continually accomplished feats beyond that of normal people.

The power vacuum left by Bulldog and Denton Hull has drastically increased membership in Woody’s gang as many wayward skinheads decide to place themselves under Woody’s protection. This has been exacerbated by rumours of a ninja in Birmingham who has been beating up skinheads caught alone or in small groups on the streets after dark.

Woody demonstrated extraordinary leadership skills in organizing a protest in Birmingham in August of 1985. Following orders from Nicholas Black, Woody turned the protest into a riot to distract the police and the Technocracy from the The Misfits‘s assault into The Prometheus Building. His words invigorated the disenfranchised people of Birmingham with purpose as they marched through the Merchant Quarter. Nicholas Black has warned Woody that he’s likely on the Technocracy’s shit list due to his activities and association with the Misfits, asking him if he wanted out. A revolutionary to the end, Woody simply replied, “Fuck the fucking fuckers.” Woody has been hard at work with Nicholas Black to take over and rebuild the city’s criminal element and has funnelled a great deal of Black’s cash to Woody’s friends in the IRA in exchange for arming the skinheads of the city and establishing a reserve of arms at The Church of the First Blood. Nicholas has briefed Woody on everything he knows regarding Technocratic operations in Birmingham, warning him to be careful and never travel alone.

Following Nicholas Black’s take over of the criminal underworld in Birmingham, Woody has performed much of the legwork in the city of Nick’s behalf. This has allowed him to build relationships in Birmingham and the neighbouring cities as well as in Ireland. Furthermore, Woody has achieved an unparalleled level of street smarts regarding the organization and maintenance of every criminal operation Birmingham has to offer. Woody performed as Nick’s lieutenant without complaint for over a year, accomplishing several dangerous and difficult tasks, often adding his own creative spin to the schemes before Nicholas sat him down and handed over leadership of the criminal element in Birmingham to Woody. Only then did Woody understand that he had been groomed for this position from the start. Woody has navigated several difficulties in the criminal element with astounding finesse, especially regarding the Syndicate’s hold on criminal organizations in other cities that prevent many suppliers from dealing with Birmingham’s underworld. Woody uses his natural charm to bypass these challenges and form lasting relationships, forever determined to stick it to the man.


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