Valerie "Val"

A smartmouth technopagan lost in time.


Valerie is an awakened mage who claims to come from the distant future in an alternate timeline where humans and technology exist symbiotically.

In 1979, she was found convulsing in an alley and resuscitated by paramedics, who assumed the open wounds on her arms and neck were due to intravenous drug use. After she was released from the hospital she vanished without a trace.

She is an adept correspondence mage but finds her anachronistic lifestyle unsuited to this timeline. She compares 1980s tech to her own timeline frequently, referring to it as the technological equivalent of “a chimp banging two rocks together,” which is the reason, she alleges, why she cannot return to her own time.

Online, she maintains a sector of the digiweb known as Valhalla, where a giant digital representation of Yggdrassil shines out into the black void, collecting knowledge and spreading its roots through the ether. In her timeline, the digiweb and reality were indistinguishable.

The Verbenna struggle to comprehend her unorthodox mingling of technology with the old ways and the Virtual Adepts can only dream of the future she promises them.

Digital Yddrassil
Her online appearance.


Valerie "Val"

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