A shaman and finder of things lost


Traveller is a vision-questor for hire. When he was a young man, he travelled the globe looking for the secret to inner knowledge. Unlike most hippie kids who went on such a journey, Traveller actually found it. Now he applies himself to others finding knowledge as well. Through the use of psychotropic drugs and hallucinogens, Traveller is able to induce altered mental states – he can induce this state in others as well, but he only does so if requested, as vision quests can be dangerous for the unprepared. Traveller can see the past, as well as distance places. He can see the future to a limited extent, but the future is hazy and ever-shifting. Traveller is also an expert at finding lost objects, although he considers this a waste of his talents. When he is not vision-questing, Traveller applies himself to keeping drugs out of the hands who would misuse them or be consumed by them. Although he considers himself a pacifist, he has a special enmity for those who prey on others by dealing in addictive drugs.

The Misfits called upon Traveller’s help in tracking down The Child of Night. Little did they realize that while Traveller was astrally projecting in search of The Child, she was lying in ambush. She captured Traveller’s spirit and returned to Earth, inhabiting his body. The Child of Night caused a great deal of trouble while in Traveller’s body, creating problems for The Misfits at the Spring Equinox Conclave of 1985, and turning the Council Housing flats that housed Traveller’s sanctum into a morass of ill-emotions and negative feelings. The Child of Night inhabited Traveller’s body until she was detected by, and her host body ultimately destroyed by, Rupert Cain.

The Misfits had always held out hope that Traveller’s spirit still existed somewhere in the Umbra – his skill with astral projection meant be might have been able to escape to safety, even without his corporeal body. It was the Misfit’s intention to dispatch The Child of Night, find Traveller’s spirit and provide a new body for him.

These hopes were dashed when the Child of Night was finally overcome. After inhabiting the Child of Night’s sanctum, the Cathedral of Bone, Rangda delivered an orb to Rory Cooper. It contained a fragment of a shadow of a memory of the Traveller, locked in glass, forever in torment and pain.

Cooper secreted the orb away, unsure of whether he should destroy it or if it could one day lead to the possible restoration of Traveller. Some time afterward, Nicholas Black took the orb to Mother Mary Victoria, seeking advice. Mother Mary suggested it would be a great mercy to stop the suffering of the spirit trapped within the orb. Nicholas destroyed the orb and spirit within it.


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