The Spider

A Technocratic hacker


A mysterious and shadowy figure, Spider is a post-human cyborg hacker who serves Technocratic masters.

Many of his biological and neurological functions have been augmented or replaced with technological contraptions created by the Technocracy. One part victim, one part willing guinea pig, Spider’s enhancements allow him to plug into most binary devices and communicate with the ease most people experience with peeling a banana.

His upgrades give him superior processing power, improving his ability to calculate complex equations and almost instant access and recall to the Technocratic libraries he is authorized to access.

The skin around his implants needs regular cleaning and maintenance, especially the edges touching the surface electronics. He also suffers headaches and has gaps in his memory, especially related to his time before he joined the Technocracy. Nurses regularly clean his implants and apply analgesic gel to the irritated sites.

Valerie approached The Misfits to get their assistance in taking down Spider. After some introductions and exchanging information, Sarah Giles worked with Val to track spider but could find no trace of him on the digital web. Not to be deterred, the Misfits employed the skills of Akiko Ninube who scried Spider receiving some impressive neural implants. After some investigation, it was determined that Spider was on the Iteration X controlled Autochthonia.

The Spider

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