The Green Man

A former hippie, and a relaxed pagan leader


The Green Man has always felt that he was in tune with nature. When the hippie movement came to England in the ‘70s, The Green Man felt he had found a home. One night, one of The Green Man’s friends invited him to a midnight revel – The Green Man found himself at an esbat at the Sacred Grove, and his life changed forever. The energy of that place washed over him, and the man who would become The Green Man went into a daze. He awoke several days later under the care The Old Green Man, who sensed a kindred spirit. The young man became the older man’s apprentice. Some years ago, the former keeper of the grove left on a journey to find the seed of all life in the Umbra, and his apprentice took his place. Now The Green Man to the Sacred Grove, he leads the cabal in Winter and Summer. The Green Man is Boudica’s father.

The Green Man has not taken as active a role in the education of Rory Cooper, but he was responsible for bringing Rory his horse, Magnus.


The Green Man

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