An ambassador between the Guardians and the fae


The Emissary is an ancient, but important position within the Guardians of the Sacred Grove: The Emissary acts as a go-between for the guardians and the local fair folk. Although the power of the fair folk has waxed over the years, they still maintain a presence in England, and the Guardians find them to be powerful allies and even more vexatious foes – in short, it is in the best interest of the cabal to keep them appeased. The Emissary is always a young girl, as for some reason the fair folk prefer to deal with youth and vitality. The current Emissary is an actual changeling – a young girl who was stolen from her human family as a baby. The Guardians of the Sacred Grove bargained for her release, but touched as she was by the spirit world, she could never return to a normal life. Instead, she joined the cabal as their Emissary. The current Emissary is a trickster by nature, and she has a fascination with modern technology – a fact she attempts to conceal from her cabal-mates.

One of The Emissary’s most prized possession’s is a Walkman cassette player, secretly gifted to her by Jack O’Shadows.

Since Rory Cooper saved The Emissary from The King of Winter, she views him as something between a big brother and a superhero.

Late in 1986, The Emissary was taken the Land of Fairie by Widdershins, at the request of the Seer. The Seer desired a contingency in case Rory Cooper couldn’t, or wouldn’t, fulfill his geas and kill the Oracle Sophie Charles. So The Emissary was taught the arts of stealth, combat, and magic from a motley collection of the deadliest fae Widdershins could find. Although on Earth only 3 days had passed, for The Emissary it had been almost 20 years of constant training. She returned to Earth only to observe Rory fulfilling her geas, leaving her without purpose.


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