Noble Unicorn Familiar


Dexterity 4 Stamina 3 Strength 3

Appearance 6 Charisma 2 Manipulation 1

Intelligence 2 Perception 2 Wits 2


Alertness 4
Athletics 3
Awareness 3
Brawl 4
Dodge 1

Stealth 5

Cosmology 3
Enigmas 1
Occult 1

Essence 5

Willpower 5

Health: Bruised, Bruised, -1, -1, -2, -2, -5, Incapacitated


Healing – Heal 1 level of bashing or lethal for one essence, 1 level of aggravated for two essence

Quintessence Grazing – Can gather one point of quintessence per week

Telepathy – Mental communication, regardless of language

Large – One extra Bruised Health Level

Speed – For each point of essence spent, speed is doubled for one scene

Steed – Hengroen can bear one fully armed and equipped adult on his back, although exceptionally large riders (such as Silver) may be beyond him

Step Sideways – Hengroen and his rider can step sideways at will in areas where the gauntlet is 5 or less, and a cost of 1 essence for every point of gauntlet above 5 (eg stepping sideways in areas of Gauntlet 8 costs 3 essence)


In the middle ages, a young witch named Adora met an equally young and adventurous Unicorn named Swiftwind. Swiftwind was unlike other Unicorns, and wished to see the world. In exchange for magical tutelage, Adora promised to show Swiftwind all the world had to offer. A fruitful partnership turned into a fast friendship, and Adora and Swiftwind were inseparable.

Then came the Burning Times. Fleeing the torches of witch-hunters, Adora and Swiftwind escaped to The Paths of the Wyck. Because of Swiftwind’s magical nature, Adora asked Swiftwind to stay behind while she returned to earth to see if the way was safe. Unfortunately, Adora was captured and put to the torch by witchhunters on her return. Swiftwind waited and waited, by Adora never returned. Eventually, he wandered off the path, where minor spirits of corruption were attracted to his fear and worry. The spirits stoked the flame of Swiftwind’s fear, and years of agony transformed the fear into rage and hatred. Swiftwind became convinced that Adora had abandoned him, and he swore revenge on all her sorcerous ilk. Now, Swiftwind prowls the periphery of the Paths of the Wyck, waiting to gore and eat any mages foolish enough to wander off the path.

Swiftwind, tormented by fell spirits

Late in 1986, Rory Cooper stepped off the Path of the Wyck, only to find Swiftwind waiting. Although Swiftwind was prepared to attack the young mage, Rory reached out mentally to Swiftwind and discovered the creature’s pain. Rory promised to bring Adora to Swiftwind, so that Swiftwind could have his revenge. At The Church of the First Blood Rory conducted a ritual and learned the fate of Adora, and that her Avatar had reincarnated in his own mentor, Boudica. Rory reached out to Boudica, and asked her to reconcile with the unicorn, but she demurred, seeing him as a canker to be cut out rather than a soul to be purified.

Rory Cooper was undeterred, however, and with his allies in the The Misfits, subdued Swiftwind and exorcised the fell spirits that were driving the unicorn to rage and despair. The Green Man traveled to the Church of the First Blood and helped heal Swiftwind’s physical wounds, but suggested that years of hatred and self-loathing would leave deep mental wounds as well. Nicholas Black enlisted the aid of Elizabeth Granger, who as both a psychologist and a spirit medium was uniquely talented to help Swiftwind.

After a month of intensive therapy, Swiftwind asked Art Valentine to take him to The Sacred Grove so that he could speak to Boudica. There, Boudica (and through her, Adora) and Swiftwind reconciled. Swiftwind was healed, but now found himself without a place in a new world he did not understand. Art Valentine offered Swiftwind guidance and protection, which the unicorn swiftly accepted. In exchange, Swiftwind renamed himself Hengroen, after the stallion of King Arthur, thereby helping Art’s legend grow.


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