Steig Olaffson

Mystic Metal Musician


Steig Olaffson is the lead singer for a Birmingham punk band known as the Sons of Odin.

He is a well-known fixture in the local punk community – he is dedicated to entertaining his fans with violent imagery and a musical philosophy of “Take no prisoners.”

His songs are often focused on themes about Wotan, Nordic culture, Norse religion, war and battle, anarchy, fascism and anti-authoritarianism. On stage, he is a fearsome presence. He is known to take on a feral countenance and growls his lyrics into the microphone.

Stieg and the Sons of Odin often take the stage covered in war paint or stage blood, depending on their mood.

Two years ago, Rory Cooper was at a concert and noticed Steig had long fangs – which seems to suggest he’s had his teeth modified or at the very least, wears a custom mouthpiece.

Steig Olaffson

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