Sophie Charles

An Oracle.


Sophie is a beautiful, sultry, young woman in her mid-twenties.


Sophie Charles is the daughter of Mother Mary Victoria and is supposedly the result of an immaculate conception, though she doesn’t believe that. She is also one of the few recorded people to have been born as an Awakened mage.

Sophie was raised by her mother and from her, learned compassion, love, magick, and the Christian faith. She also learned how to speak to people in order to get what she wanted, a skill she values highly. She has been groomed to take her mother’s place upon Mary Victoria’s retirement, or at least that was the plan.

Sophie was always able to control and shape the reality around her to the extent that most mages are able to, but during a rebellious time during her teens, Sophie lost her virginity to a shepherd’s son and at the moment of rapture, experienced what she could only describe as a second awakening. At that moment, Sophie was granted a vision of the future, specifically relating to the goals that she and her mother were working on in the area.

Frightened, but also curious, she questioned her mother about the experience and was met only with rebuke and scorn. Despite Mary’s reaction, events played out exactly as Sophie had described. Since then, Sophie has found that whenever she has a sexual encounter with another person, man or woman, her abilities are drastically increased the next time she channels them. This particular foci allows her to push herself well beyond her normal capabilities. It had also been a great cause for contention between her morally minded mother and herself. Sophie had even learned to control it to the extent that she can bank her encounters like quintessence and dole out the benefits when she requires them.

Sophie is a bright, young woman who has travelled the world and learned some harsh lessons in her life. She feels and acts older than she is. Her greatest flaw is that she often feels caught between two worlds, who she is, and who she feels her mother and the church want her to be. This has resulted in her sometimes being indecisive.

Ally is her best friend and the two have even been more than friends on rare occasions or emergencies when Sophie’s magic needed an extra push.

Ro is like a brother to her and she trusts him implicitly.

Her most complicated relationship is with her mother whom she respects and loves, but also disagrees with. She believes in the doctrine of the church but thinks some parts of it are outdated, and that if Jesus really did preach a message of love, love should be freely given.

Sophie has some skill with knives, but in combat, she relies heavily on her magick.

Sophie is able to sense every sphere, but has particular talent in Time and Prime. She is considered to be the most powerful mage in The Martyrs, though not the most skilled magically.

Her favourite rote is her Oracular Vision, which she believes is granted to her by God. After or during sex, Sophie is able to see with remarkable clarity into the future, and these events almost always shape out to be true. These visions usually involve important events directly related to her and have served the Martyrs well to warn them of impending attacks. Her last vision was getting the call from the church to travel to Birmingham. Ally had already booked the flights to England before the telephone rang.

Ultimately, her oracular talents brought her to the attention of the Technocracy. A millennia-long conspiracy by the Verbena, shepherded along by Seer, sought to prevent her from becoming a Technocratic pawn. Her enslavement would represent the end of the Traditions and usher in a terrible, apocalyptic future.

Moments before a Technocratic assault on The Mission House, she was murdered by Rory Cooper.

Sophie Charles

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