A noble robotic-knight


Name: Silver/Sir Kay
Nature: Benefactor Demeanour: Machine

Str 5/Dex 3/Sta 5
App 0/Cha 2/Man 0
Int 2/Wits 4/Per 4
Willpower 5

Alertness 3, Awareness 1, Dodge 3, Brawl 5, Melee5, Craft (Cooking) 3,

Attack: Broadsword (Diff 6, 10 dice, 7L damage)
Armor: 6 dice soak vs. Level, 11 dice soak vs. Bashing, 3 dice soak vs. Agg
8 Health Levels


Silver is a autonomous construct created by a tinkerer known as The Miracle Man. The Miracle Man created Silver to uphold truth and justice, to protect the innocence, and to be a force for good in the world. For reasons unbeknownst to himself, The Miracle Man modeled Silver’s behaviour protocols on the knight known as Sir Kay, King Arthur’s foster brother. The Miracle Man died after awakening Silver, but before giving the knight his final order. As such, Silver has idled in The Miracle Man’s lab for sixty years, waiting to fulfill his purpose.

Silver was motivated to leave his home for the first time when Art Valentine performed a ritual to send out a spiritual beacon. Silver felt himself drawn to Birmingham, where he pledged himself to the service of King Arthur, the function which Silver believes himself to have been created for all along. Upon meeting Silver, Martin realized that he was The Miracle Man in a past life, and he had inadvertently designed the knight to serve Arthur in the future.

Silver appears as an eight-foot tall knight, broadly built and clad in shining silver armor. He wants nothing more than to bring justice to the world by serving King Arthur, and also wishes to please Martin, who he recognizes as his father and creator, The Miracle Man.

Silver was killed in the joint assault against Genesis, though his remains were brought back to The Church of the First Blood to determine when or if he can be returned to functionality.


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