Sigrun is a psychopomp who guides the souls of valourous warriors to Valhalla. She is also a fierce fighter of evil and injustice, which she fights with her magic sword, the Firebrand.

Sigrun was summoned by Rory Cooper, who wished to visit the Well of Mimir without offending Odin. As a daughter of Odin, Sigrun could take Rory there, but she would only do it if he proved his valour. Rory later summoned Sigrun to witness his victory over the Technocratic special forces and Carbine Security officers who attacked The Mission House at the end of 1986. Sigrun deemed Rory’s victory as worthy, and promised to take him to the Well of Mimir at the next full moon. However, being aware of his slaying of Sophie Charles as well, Sigrun cautioned him to always carry himself with honour and face his foes head on.


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