Shinzo Watanabe

New York Oyabun


More Japanese than Japanese, Shinzo is a well-respected leader within the New York organized crime community. His time in the United States has not softened his preference for the culture, food and customs of his homeland.

He has successfully built an operation that generates no attention from authorities and maintains a respected balance between other organized crime groups and the Asian enclaves within New York, including the Irish, Italians and Wall St.

From loans to protection, gambling and real-estate, there is little that happens in his territory without his knowledge or say-so.

He recruited Valerie for her technical and awakened talents. Unlike Yoshi, Shinzo is aware of awakened mages and has some minor dealings with mages in the service and membership of the Yakuza. He maintains a small Shinto temple in New York and occasionally offers hospitality to awakened Yakuza.

Shinzo Watanabe

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