Brilliant magical researcher


Serana the Thaumaturge, sometimes called the Metamagician, is the Magician of the Arcana and the mentor of Heph.

Serana is considered to be one of the Order of Hermes’ leading minds. She has dedicated herself to the study of magic itself – its underlying structure, and how it can be shaped and manipulated. She has earned disfavour from members groups as disparate as the Dreamspeakers and the Virtual Adepts for her claims – and ability to prove – that their abilities come from the same place and can be manipulated in the same way. Because of her skills and knowledge, she could easily be a master at Doissetep, but her disinterest in the politics of the Order has kept her away. Ironically, being removed from Doissetep on Earth has allowed her to focus on her true passion – her studies.

Serana is known to be a focused person and in personal interactions she is direct, bordering on blunt. Nevertheless, she has a playful side that comes out when she is sharing her research with others, and there are those in the Order who think that Serana’s unorthodox, sideways approach to research is what has helped her flourish.


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