An unfathomably ancient oracle


And old, blind man who dresses in ancient robes and exudes cryptic knowledge.


No one knows how old Seer is. He claims to have been the original guardian of the Sacred Grove, and although it seems unlikely that he is almost 2000 years old, no one can disprove his claim. Regardless, as far as any of the current members of the Guardians are concerned, Seer has always been there. Seer is conventionally blind, but as his name suggests, Seer is able to divine the future. As one who sees so far into both the past and the future, Seer is very far removed from day-to-day life, and his magic is unfathomably powerful.

The Seer has acted as a mentor to both Art Valentine and Rory Cooper, though both had to prove themselves in different ways.

Near the end of 1986, Seer revealed to Rory Cooper, his destiny and how the Seer and Rory were tied by fate to prevent a dark future. The Seer had knowingly given up his sight some millennia before after being shown by his own mentor, a future overrun with metal men and a completely destroyed natural world. The Seer was granted the knowledge of how to prevent this from occurring, so he waited for thousands of years to apply the right pressure at the right moment. Rory Cooper’s arrival to the grove was long expected, and the geas placed on him was necessary to ensure his cooperation in his part in this ancient plan. He revealed to Rory, that Rory had to kill Sophie Charles to prevent her from being captured by the technocracy, and her oracular abilities utilized as a technological abomination that would allow the Technocracy to ascertain every outcome of every operation, project and battle in the Ascension War, something that would doom the Tradition efforts. At the same time, knowing of the import of preventing this future, the Seer leveraged his allies in the Seelie Court to abduct Emm and secret her away to the Faerie realms where she was trained in the deadly arts. Emm was to act as a backup to kill Sophie Charles if Rory Cooper couldn’t or wouldn’t perform the act himself.

Following the death of Sophie Charles, both Rory Cooper and the Seer were freed in their own ways. Rory was no longer held under a geas to The Sacred Grove, and the Seer, after thousands of years of prophetic responsibility, was lifted of his burden. This had the effect of the Seer losing his innate oracular abilities, no longer able to divine the future with certainty, though he is still able to use his powerful magics to scry the present and future, though these futures are as shifting and uncertain as they would be for any other mage. His purpose fulfilled, the Seer is somewhat at a loss as to what he should do next, as the world is much changed from when he entered his cave thousands of years earlier.


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