A divine warrior


Nature: Benefactor Demeanour: Crusader Essence: Questing
Str. 4 (Wiry), Dex. 3, Sta. 4 (Tireless)/App. 2, Cha. 4 (Disarming), Man. 2 / Int. 2, Per.2, Wits 2
Abilities: Alertness 2, Art 4 (Singing), Athletics 3, Awareness 2, Empathy 3, Expression 3, Etiquette 3, Firearms 2, Martial Arts 4, Meditation 3, Melee 4, Stealth 3, Survival 2, Academics 2, Enigmas 3, Occult 1
Willpower: 5
Arete: 4
Spheres: Prime 3, Life 3, Entropy 2
Resonance: Static (Holy) 3
Merits: True Faith


As his title suggests, Sant-Sipahi is a Sikh warrior-saint. He is the Centurion’s resident expert on close-quarters combat, possessing a mastery of both shastara-vidiya and swordsmanship. He is no slouch with ranged combat as well, with amazing proficiency in the use of the rifle, bow and arrow, and chakram.

Sant-Sipahi is dedicated to liberation through union with God. He sees the Technocracy as Agents of Maya, dedicated to the Five Thieves and opposing the Timeless Truth. As such, he considers it his duty to defeat the Technocracy and pave the way for all of humanity to find their path to God. In battle, Sant-Sipahi is known to sing hymns while his sword flashes. He seems to be able to shrug off even the most grievous blows, and fight until his foes are defeated. Even the most overwhelming odds do not deter Sant-Sipahi, for he knows his cause his just.

Sant-Siphahi is the favoured pupil of the great teacher known as Guru, a champion against evil who frowns upon zealots. Guru prefers a nuanced approach to inspire and empower people to do good, chipping away at systemic evils around them.

Sant-Sipahi was the first person Nerine invited to join The Centurions. Although Sant-Sipahi does not agree with Nerine’s beliefs, he believes in her goals, and as the Priestess as a person. Sant-Sipahi’s tactical prowess is an invaluable element of the success The Centurion’s have enjoyed so far.

Sant-Sipahi has assumed the role of leadership over the Centurions following the death of their previous leader. He has worked closely with Art Valentine in cleansing evil where ever it can be found. Recently, his commitment to the Accord has suffered following allegations by Morgan Lafayette that the Misfits harbour a soft stance on Demons.


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