Rudy McKenna

Groundskeeper; frequently drunk


Nature: Loner Demenaour: Curmudgeon
Str: 3 Dex: 2 Sta: 4 (Hardy)/Cha: 2 Man: 2 App: 2/Int: 3 Wits: 2 Per: 3
Abilities: Brawl 2, Intimidation 1, Dodge 1/Crafts 4 (Gardening), Drive 2/Academics 3, Cosmology 1, Linguistics 2 (Latin, Gaelic), Medicine 3, Occult 2, Science 4 (Chemistry)
Paths: Warding 1, Alchemy/Herbalism 4
Backgrounds: Mana 2, Arcane 3
Resonance: Dynamic 1 (Verdant)
Willpower: 7


The McKennas are an ancient family of hedge magicians hailing from Scotland’s Highlands; they relied on the remoteness of the geography to practice their arts in secret. The Order of Hermes have courted the McKennas for generations, valuing both their lineage and their impressive arcane knowledge, but the McKennas have preferred to remain independent. On the whole, the McKennas are as proud as they are powerful.

And then, there is Rudy. He has all the pride of his family, but by McKenna standards, is a magical dullard. To make matters worse, Rudy always preferred working magic on plants, rather than plumbing the very depths of the arcane arts. When the hassles of being the black sheep in a family of wizards became too much to bear, Rudy set out to discover the world and find a place where he might belong. Instead, he found The Church of the First Blood, and a fellow irascible Scotsman in the form of Rupert Cain. The two struck up a friendship, bonding over their exile status, and Rudy agreed to stay at the Church for a time, working as a groundskeeper in exchange for some of the abundant mana a the Church.

Now, Rudy takes care of the plants at the Church, while working on magical experiments – Rudy has placed a ward against Technocrats on the Church, but warding is not Rudy’s specialty, so it’s an indifferent ward at best. Rudy frequently butts heads with Rory Cooper, due to the young man’s desire to bend the flora of the Church to his will, but can’t help but respect his power. Rudy has developed a strong appreciation for the “water of fire” brewed by Fergus Simes.

Rudy continues to tell himself that his tenure at the Church is just a temporary stop-over on his search for a home, but every time his quest calls, he finds himself at the bottom of a bottle instead.

Recently, Art Valentine and Nicholas Black have made more of an effort to engage Rudy in the less dangerous aspects of life within the church. Rudy has slowly started warming to them, even though they don’t understand him the way Rupert Cain did. At Nick’s behest, Rudy has agreed to take on Emma Windsor as a student in the studies of linear magic. This annoys Rory Cooper to no end as every time he calls on Emma for assistance, she answers by saying that she has to ask Rudy first. While initially resistant to teaching the young woman, Rudy has found Emma as a bright and determined student.

Rudy McKenna

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