Rory Cooper

Verbena mage of the Misfits Cabal


Born in Birmingham, Rory grew up in the hardscrabble, working-class tenements of the economically depressed industrial quarters of the city.

Having few opportunities in life and coming from a broken home led Rory to join a community that projected the appearance of strength and family – the local skinhead gangs.

He grew up on the edges, committing petty crimes and earning cash however he could. Rory embraced the sport of boxing and developed a bit of a reputation as an enforcer for his core group of friends, led by his pal Woody.

He experienced his awakening during a boxing match and entirely mistook it for a bad concussion. He didn’t quite tune into his abilities and tended to use them passively or unconsciously.

Rory’s involvement with the higher-level machinations of skinhead politics and culture was barely developed when he was approached by Technocratic agents at a rally. Suspicious of authorities and assuming he was about to be arrested, he ran. They gave chase and he was rescued by a cab driver with fortuitous timing.

The cabby led him to the Misfits, who offered refuge and revealed to Rory what it meant to be awakened. They arranged for him to be trained at the Sacred Grove by Boudica and the Green Man.

He has grown in power considerably in the few short years since he joined the Misfits, traveled across realms, defeated many foes and undertaken dangerous adventures in his tireless search for answers to all his questions.

His primary focus has been resisting those who would take advantage or harm him or his friends, be it the technocracy, nephandi or powerful mages like Rangda.

More than two years after swearing a geas to the Guardians of the Sacred Grove, Rory Cooper was called upon to fulfill it by murdering Sophie Charles, a powerful oracle sought by the Technocracy. Her death at his hands would prevent the unfolding of a future where humanity was enslaved to the Technocracy and tradition mages were wiped out or brought to heel.

Following a battle with the Technocracy, Rory was able to convince a Valkyrie named Sigrun to guide him to the Well of Mimir at the base of Yddrasil, the World Tree. There, he cast his eye into the well and was granted extraordinary power. Following in the footsteps of Odin, he has forged a connection to the Norse Pantheon, which has become a source of strength and meaning.

Unlike Art Valentine, who believes himself to be King Arthur reborn, Rory does not believe himself to be Odin, but that his avatar and destiny guided him to become vested with a source of power with which he could use in the fight against the Technocracy.

Rory Cooper

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