Fugitive swordsman


The swordsman known as Ronin was born in a Technocracy lab as part of a joint experiment between members of Iteration-X and the Progenitors: the finest Iteration-X cybernetics would be integrated with the pinnacle of Progenitor bio-engineering. Ronin’s early life consisted of being subjected to a constant battery of tests and procedures, as well as endless training in subjects such as martial arts, stealth, and weapon handling. As a genetically engineered being, Ronin matured quickly both physically and mentally.

While on a mission for the Technocracy, Ronin was contacted by a representative of the Harbingers of Avalon, a group who believe that the Technocracy has lost its original mission of trying to protect humanity. The Harbingers helped Ronin escape the Technocracy, and for a brief time he tried to lead a normal life. However, he knew that due to his genetic modifications, he would not enjoy a full life span, and decided to dedicate his remaining years to helping others like him. He joined the Harbingers of Avalon, and now works for them as a field agent, helping people escape the Technocracy. His former handlers will stop at nothing to either bring him back into the fold or terminate him, and so he lives a life on the edge, always one step ahead.

Ronin contacted Art Valentine on behalf of the Harbingers of Avalon, who hoped that the kingly mage could help shelter potential Technocratic defectors.


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