Robert "Sparky" Kent

A fiercely loyal drug dealer


“Sparky” has always had a sense of the numinous. Unfortunately, a poor home life and a number of traumatic experiences caused Sparky to try to connect to that feeling through drugs, rather than healthier means. Sparky’s desire to touch the divine lead him to use drugs more and more frequently, and when he could no longer afford his next fix, Sparky agreed to become part of Mac The Knife‘s drug distribution network. Sparky’s loyalty and near-suicidal fearlessness have made him particularly suited the job, and he settled into a comfortable routine. That changed, however, when a drug deal went bad and Sparky fled to The Church of the First Blood for sanctuary. Sparky could sense the great weight of energy at that hallowed place, and moreover, he met a man who seemed to be in tune with it: Father Rupert Cain. Cain urged the young man to confess his sins, and listened patiently and non-judgmentally as Sparky unspooled a litany of a life-time of bad behaviour. As Cain instructed Sparky to perform 40 Hail Marys, the young man had an epiphany; although not raised as a Catholic, Sparky felt like he had found a home.

Since then, Sparky has led something of a dual life. During the week, he deals drugs for Mac the Knife, but on Sundays, he improves his soul, listening intently to Father Cain’s sermons and trying ardently to apply them to his own life. Sparky feels very conflicted about providing drugs to David Joy, who he sees as a ward of Father Cain, but Sparky must make ends meet and the two young men have something of a convivial relationship, given how much they have in common.

Sparky valiantly defended the Church against Raxelnada, and expressed a deep disappointment at Father Cain’s seeming disappearance. Although Rory Cooper assured him that the Church is always open to him, Sparky remains dubious. He has begun to turn again to drugs to provide what he once used to find at Church.

On the eve of what could become known by the Demons as “The Great Convergence”, Sparky was possessed by a demon named Barabbas, one of the self-styled “Renouncers”, who have grown tired of the depravity of hell and wish to live among mortals. The type of possession was so complete that it has destroyed all of what remained of Sparky’s personality, leaving the demon in full control of his body with access to all of his memories.

Barabbas approached Nicholas Black for help after three of his counterparts disappeared in as many weeks, leading him to suspect that the Renouncers were being targeted.

Robert "Sparky" Kent

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