A terrible blood witch


Rangda is a woman of indeterminate age. She is never seen without her Balinese mask, but even though her face is concealed, she radiates an aura of terrible authority and malice.


Rangda is the former mentor of Triodia, and has sworn a terrible vengeance on The Misfits for killing the young witch. Rangda used her political influence to join The Order of the Silver Flame, and used her position on that cabal to accuse David Joy of infernalism. Rangda has confronted Rupert Cain, and assured him that she will not rest until 3 of his proteges have suffered and or died, just like Triodia did, for such is the three-fold law. For all that, Rangda is as patient as she is ancient – if it takes years to have her revenge on The Misfits, she is not concerned.

Rangda largely concerns herself with obstructing the goals of the Misfits, especially in regards to the Birmingham Traditions Council; due to her age, and extensive network of favours and blackmail, she wields impressive political influence. However, if she sees an opportunity to strike directly (as she did against David Joy), she will not hesitate to take it.

Rangda disappeared at the conclusion of the March 1986 Conclave, through the actions of Abraham Gideon Hawthorne.

At the close of 1986, it was revealed that Rangda was not dead, causing the Misfits great concern. She was temporarily knocked out-of-time, put in a “time-out” by Abraham’s machinations. Her fellow Sanguine Sisters seemed less-than-enthused she would be back as the absence of the blood witch had allowed the other sisters room to grow in influence and magical aptitude.

Rangda reappeared at the appointed time and was greeted by Nicholas black who explained in general terms what had transpired and brought Rangda up to speed, renewing the offer to find her a suitable apprentice and extending the same offer he made to the other Sanguine sisters to join the Accord in exchange for a node. Rangda found the offer intriguing and asked Nicholas to escort her back to the university while he brought her up to speed on the many months that she had been outside of time.

Some months later, Nicholas made good on his promise, presenting Madeleine Swinton to Rangda. The Blood Witch was pleased with this potential apprentice and agreed to renounce her blood feud against Rory Cooper.


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