Lord of Unsleep


Qulalathun is a primordial deity known as The Lord of Unsleep. Unsleep is a state that is neither sleeping nor waking, neither dead nor alive. Worshippers believe that when the time is right, Qulalathun will come to Earth and rule over it in the age of Unsleep.

Qulalathun resides in the Realm of Unsleep in the distant reaches of the Far Umbra – he is too vast to influence Earth directly, but Qulalathun’s twisted consciousness reaches out to psychically-sensitive individuals on the threshold of sleep and taint their minds. He is also able to send minor beings through fissures in reality to sow havoc and discord in order to pave the way for the Time of Unsleep.

On Earth, countless cults prepare for Qulalathun’s coming, and worship him in the meantime, helping to pave the way for his eventual arrival. Worshippers of Qulalathun include The Anchorite, while The Child of Night has a complicated relationship with the god-like figure.


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