Professor Prime

An unorthodox chemist and academic


The Professor has always loved science, and its limitless possibilities. As a young man, he was constantly frustrated by the lack of vision he encountered in science instructors, and then in science magazines, journals, and scholarly publications. Professor Prime knew that given enough will and effort, science was capable of anything. It was this vision that led him to his greatest discovery – the ability to chemically alter matter on a sub-atomic level. His paper on the discovery got him laughed out of every respectable institution in the world, but it wasn’t long before he was corresponding with individuals who shared his visions, and who invited him to join a colloquium. Professor Prime has been a proud member of the Sons of Ether ever since. Professor Prime teaches chemistry at the University, and hopes to instill in his students the wonder of discovery that drives him to push science to its very limits.

Professor Prime is a member of The Order of the Silver Flame, and though his methods and approach are very different from those of his allies, he respects their wisdom and seeks to find common ground.

Professor Prime

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