Prof. Ethan Bell

Former Iteration X Son of Ether Nanotech Expert


Ethan is a well dressed man in his late thirties. He has medium length brown hair and is clean shaven.


Dr. Ethan Bell was a bright young polymath and a genius scientist with an interest in cybernetics, nanotechnology, and transhumanism, and alternate dimensions. His revolutionary treatises on dimensional science and transhumanism brought him to the notice of Iteration X, and Dr. Bell was only to happy to apply his genius to the wonderful challenges that group presented him with. However, unlike many of his colleagues in Iteration X, Ethan did not trade away his human conscious when he began trading away his human parts. As he was inducted into the deeper mysteries of his Convention, he his troubled by what he learned about the true intentions and operations of Iteration X. A trip to Autochtonia convinced him that Iteration X needed to be stopped. Fearing the pervasive nature of Control, Dr. Bell knew his only chance was to defect to the Traditions.

Dr. Bell was treated with suspicion shortly after his defection, but his undeniable genius quickly earned him the approval of the Sons of Ether. A fellow Son of Ether by the name of Karnacki invited Ethan Bell to Birmingham to utilize his expertise in Dimensional Science to track down a powerful nephandi by the name of The Child of Night. Dr. Bell aided The Misfits in their pursuit of the Child, and helped track her down when she was possessing Traveller.

Unfortunately Ethan ran afoul of Darius Pointe and Franklin Blanke when trying to find out more about Mastermind. Dr. Bell was captured and reprogrammed by Susan Smith to strike at Birmingham’s traditionalist mages during their next conclave; fortunately(?) for those mages, Dr. Bell was found and killed by T-13 before he could complete his mission.

Prof. Ethan Bell

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