Paige Herod

Spiritual leader


Dr. Paige Herod was born in Greece, the scion of a wealthy family with diverse mercantile interests. She studied ethnobotany at Harvard, and Awakened while doing field work in the rainforests of the Amazon. She was swiftly recruited by an enigmatic matron from the Sisters of Hippylota calling herself Gaia. Paige spent a number of years learning the healing arts from Gaia, and it was during this time that Paige met Cybil as well. Paige learned a great deal from Gaia and the Sisters, but both she and Cybil grew increasingly disillusioned as Gaia and her coven moved around the Amazon in the wake of encroaching logging and agricultural interests. At Cybil’s urging, Paige decided to leave up to the Sister of Hippolyta’s namesake, and so returned to Greece to establish her own compound.

Dr. Herod is the spiritual leader of the Hounds of Artemis. Although the Hounds are quite egalitarian, the members look to Paige for wisdom, guidance, and comfort. Paige uses her healing skills for the benefit of the Hounds, and has a number of talented apprentice healers as well.

Paige Herod

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