Noh, The Prince With A Thousand Faces

A twisted beast of nothingness


Noh appears as a grotesque, enormous maggot. His milky flesh pulsates with pustules and boils, which resolve briefly into wailing faces, which are then absorbed again into Noh’s flesh. When he speaks, Noh speaks in a thousand echoing voices.


The spirit known as Noh, who has styled himself as The Prince of a Thousand Faces, is a primordial entity comprised of pure nothingness. Shadow and darkness given flesh, he desires nothing more than to consume all of existence within his being. Having been born without a face, faces are what he covets most; he was a powerful being of darkness until the ninja master known as Karasu sold his face to Noh. Since then, Noh has acted as the patron of the Ninube ninja clan, granting them mastery over shadows and nothingness, in exchange for their faces. With each face pledged to him, Noh grows more powerful.

Noh particularly covets the face of Akiko Ninube. Akiko, Rory Cooper, and Nicholas Black encountered Noh when they were fleeing the Ninube clan through the Umbra in Japan – the demon harried the trio, but his ungainly stature allowed them to escape him without too much difficulty.

Noh was killed by The Misfits, per their agreement with The Sleeping Dragons, in order to weaken The Ninube Clan. Noh’s essence was trapped in Jon Rognavaldsson’s Spirit Flask, so the spirit may never again reform.

Noh, The Prince With A Thousand Faces

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