Nicholas Black

Fallen Angel


Nick appears to be a suave and handsome young man in his late twenties to early thirties. He is well-spoken, adopting an American accent, and dresses well, even when he plans on getting into a fight; a common occurrence for The Misfits.

Nick gives off the appearance of a person of taste, sporting expensive suits, sunglasses, and cigarettes, with a devil-may-care philosophy. However, behind the sunglasses and easy going smile, are calculating and mischievous eyes.


Nicholas was an angel of heaven who participated in the rebellion against God. When Lucifer’s armies were defeated, he and all of those who followed him were cast out of heaven. The Fallen Angels chose the most inhospitable region of the High Umbra as their place of refuge, a place rich in quintessential energies as their new home, naming it Hell. From there, they wage their continued battle against their tyrannical creator in the hopes of one day being free.

Nicholas was summoned by the diabolist Rupert Cain and struck a deal with the priest to gain access to the mortal world in mortal form, a process that greatly limiting his powers, while allowing him to pursue his agendas on Earth. Nicholas accepted a geas as part of the arrangement, the details of which are known only to Rupert Cain and himself. In return for an open invitation into the world, Nicholas granted Cain arcane knowledge and agreed to assist in his research and endeavours, though Nick has a great deal of latitude in how he decides to pursue this agreement. Nicholas fashioned himself a mortal body using his demonic powers and forced his own essence into it. He once described this process to Rupert as like being blinded and deafened, then having one’s tongue and limbs removed, and then being lobotomised and shrunk down to the size of a worm and thrown into the mud to wriggle around like one.

Despite Nicholas’ raw charisma and ability to manipulate others, many of the Mages he has met don’t care much for him or tend to mistrust him, including his cabal mates. His confidence borders on arrogance, and his apparent carefree attitude at matters they find important can be off-putting. His essence is also imbued with lingering Nephandic Taint, a remnant of the countless ages he has spent in Hell, which has the tendency to raise eyebrows of those sensitive to such things.

To Nick’s credit, he has been around for a very long time and the events that short lived creatures attach significance to can be difficult for him to care about. Despite this, he puts in a great deal of effort to pretend to care, and uses humour as a means to entertain himself and give others perspective. Though Nick tends towards the high life, he has no problem with slumming it or getting along with those of a low society. Nick is a bit of a chameleon who can adapt his strategies to appeal to almost anyone, and this has allowed him to make friends in all areas of mortal society.

Nick tends to avoid getting into fights when he can but is not above instigating them. He prefers to let the real bruisers do the work and saves his own energies for the verbal arena. Despite Rory Cooper being the leader of the cabal, Nicholas typically represents the interests of the Misfits when it comes to dealing with others.

Nicholas used to party extensively consuming heavy amounts of drugs and alcohol, and taking home a different woman or two every night, but he has curtailed these habits to maintain a better image for his political ambitions. He recently became the city Councilman for the Gun Quarter replacing the empty seat left by Councilman John Hunt after defeating Lacey Marsh in the municipal elections, and appears to have further aspirations in politics. At the same time, he made considerable effort to destabilize the city’s criminal element in order to exert influence in Birmingham’s underworld, eventually becoming the dominant criminal kingpin in the city of Birmingham before handing that particular honour off to Woody, whom Nicholas had groomed for the job.

Nicholas has access to a manor just outside of Birmingham maintained for him by Mammon Group. In the garage is parked his mint condition Lamborghini Diablo.

While Nicholas himself casts no shadow, his familiar, a spectral shade, does this for him. Nick often sends his Shadow on errands mostly as a spy and occasionally as a saboteur or messenger, though it has proven to be a proficient assassin and bodyguard.

The most curious ability demonstrated by Nicholas Black is his ability to remain unharmed by mortal weapons, earning him the Technocratic codename Achilles. Nicholas doesn’t like to flaunt his apparent invulnerability, and thus far, no one knows how powerful he truly is.

Nicholas Black

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