Mother Abigail

A good witch


Mother Abigail is a compassionate soul, who went into medicine to help others. As a doctor, however, she was constantly frustrated at the limitations of modern medicine. One day, quite by chance, she found a tome entitled Mother Abigail’s Book of Herblore (whence she took her name). The book fascinated her, and she found that using some of the plants in the book, she could have results as good as, if not better, than modern medicine. It wasn’t long before she sought more knowledge of herb lore, and encountered members of the Verbenna. Mother Abigail was inducted into that tradition, and quickly learned that more was possible with traditional medicine than she ever imagined. Now, Mother Abigail works as an instructor at the Birmingham Medical College, but in private she is developing ways to use herblore and modern medicine in unison. To sharpen her skills, Mother Abigail attempts to make the most outlandish potions she can think of. So far her most surprising success has been her sleeping potion.

Mother Abigail is a member in good standing of The Order of the Silver Flame

Mother Abigail

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