Milton Berliner


Milton Berliner is a young man who dresses impeccably. Neatly pressed shirts and slacks are complemented by a fine silk tie and suspenders. Horn-rim glasses and pomaded hair complete the look. Of course, he is rarely seen without a lab coat, heavy gloves, and heavy boots as well, with various pens, calipers, and other instruments bristling from the pockets of the lab coat.


Milton Berliner is the de-facto leader of a group of dissident Sons of Ether known as The Manhattans. The Manhattans have dedicated themselves to pushing weapons technology to the brink, unconstrained by ethics or morality. Some members of the Manhattans think of their work as a deterrent – if one should walk softly and carry a big stick, it behooves one to carry the biggest stick of all. Other members of the Manhattans just like to make things explode. Milton became the leader of the Manhattans by building a 50-kiloton nuclear device in his garage.

The Manhattans are loosely acquainted with Henry Williams (“A great visionary, but too busy wasting time on nonsense like flying cars) and ”/wikis/the-centurions" class=“wiki-page-link”> The Centurions (“Good people, but limited by a lack of imagination”). Through these connections, Milton became aware of Sarah Giles and her exploits in preparing a remotely-controlled drone carrying primium-enriched Semtex to explode a kraken. Further research on Milton’s part indicated that Sarah had completed “jobs” for people in the past, which included hacking, social engineering, and infiltration. Looking for both someone to test a new weapon known as the Mnemophage, and someone to help hijack a Void Engineer weapons telemetry satellite, Milton traveled to Birmingham to present Sarah with a proposition – the weapon for the job. Looking for an opportunity to strike back at the Technocracy, Sarah readily accepted the job.

Milton Berliner

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