Michael Hopkins

The latter-day Witch Finder General


Nature: Martyr Demeanour: Judge
Str. 4, Dex. 3, Sta.4/ Cha. 2, Man. 2, App. 2/Int. 2, Wits 3, Per. 3
Alertness 3, Awareness 3, Brawl 3, Dodge 4, Streetwise 3/ Melee (Swords) 5, Stealth 4/Cosmology 2, Investigation 4, Occult 3
Paths: Enchantment 3, Warding 3
Resonance: Dynamic 1 (Holy)
Willpower 8
Wonder 5 (Book: The Discovery of Witches and Witch-Craft, Ferrum Maleficarum), Allies 2
Merits: Iron Will, Faith


Most people now believe that Matthew Hopkins, the man who dubbed himself the Witch-Finder General, was nothing more than a charlatan, cashing in on the witch-craze to hang innocent women and enrich himself in the process. Most people are wrong. Matthew Hopkins actually had a divinely ordained mission to oppose evil, and during his short career he managed to defeat over 40 genuinely evil witches.

Michael Hopkins grew up knowing none of this. An athletic young man, Michael had dreams of being a footballer, but on his 18th birthday he was granted a copy of his distant ancestor’s book, The Discovery of Witches, and inducted into the family business. Michael reluctantly took up the mantle; it was not what he wanted in life, but if he didn’t oppose the evil in the world, who would? Who could? Fortunately for the Verbenna and Order of Hermes in Birmingham, Michael is only interested in dealing with true evil: the Nephandi, and evil spirits and demons who would invade the world of man.

Michael is not a mage in the Traditional sense; instead, he relies on rituals from his ancestor’s book as well as faith to see him through. His signature tool is an enchanted broadsword known as The Ferrum Maleficarum. The Ferrum glows with a celestial radiance and can cut through ghosts and spirits as easily as flesh.

Michael worked together with The Doctor and Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker to foil a plan of the Child of the Night. The three worked together loosely after that, before finally being officially recognized as a cabal by the mages of Birmingham. Now the three have dedicated themselves to protecting Birmingham from the predations of witches and evil spirits.

Michael is in semi-regular contact with Father Rose, Rupert Cain’s nemesis.

Michael Hopkins

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