Mercury Jones

A Traditions Herald


Mercury Jones is the designated Tradition Herald for the Birmingham area. Though he represents the Order of Hermes in specific, he is also responsible for calling Mages together for important events. Due to his facility at travelling quickly and quietly, Mercury Jones also acts as a courier and messenger for the mages of Birmingham – if you need something delivered, Mercury can do it for tass, a future favour, or even just a place to crash or lay low. Mercury Jones is thoroughly modern in his sensibilities; he conducts his duties on a Triumph Trident he calls Talaria. When he’s not fulfilling his duties, Mercury is an easy-going, laid-back individual.

Mercury Jones can be contacted by means of a ritual to summon his bound Sylph, Ariel; the members of The Misfits rely on this to contact Hermes and have them get in touch with other cabals in Birmingham.

Mercury acted as the go-between for the Misfits and the The Guardians of the Sacred Grove, in the matter of securing training for Rory Cooper. Mercury also vouched for Rupert Cain in the matter of the attack on The Ascension Warriors, but is generally exasperated by Cain’s “fire-ball first and ask questions later policy”.

Lately, Mercury has become more entangled with the schemes of the Misfits, even as he takes pains to remain neutral as the traditions herald. His intimate relationship with Aikiko gives him access to the inner-workings of the chaotic and often violent decision making process of the Misfits.

One or two of the Misfits suspects Mercury of trading information at their expense, and quietly note he was not above taking “a better offer” from another cabal that thwarted their tass-trading scheme. Mercury further complicated his relationship with The Misfits by bringing Art Valentine and Martin to the secret location of the church without any previous warning and leaving them at the doorstep without introducing them.Nicholas Black called this into question at the winter conclave of 1985 and Mercury Jones apologized, explaining that he had been put into an awkward position by the leadership of the Celestial Chorus who has asked that Art and Martin be delivered without announcement as the Chorus question Rupert Cain‘s actions of ceding the node to Rory Cooper, believing that the property was not Rupert’s to give away.

Several weeks later, Mercury redeemed himself when he volunteered to track down Kaneda Takeshi to speak with The Misfits, who wished to pledge their aid in taking down The Ninube Clan.

Mercury Jones

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