Mel Chow

David's Ex, Computer Expert


Small and average build with half shaved head of long black hair, she wears revealing black clothes paired with baggy sweaters.


Mel’ is a young and brilliant half Chinese science grad student. Her and David were very close but had a bad falling out because of his drug problem. One of the few people who understand David, they would probably get back together if it wasn’t for David’s use of hard drugs. She may also be currently under the eye of the Technocracy for her almost supernatural abilities with technology.

After being introduced by David, she and Sarah Giles have become close friends, due to their mutual interest in technology.

Mel Chow’s intellect, out of the box thinking, and inquisitive nature lead to her awakening in August of 1985. Unfortunately, the Technocracy who had been monitoring her for other reasons were quick to learn of this event and captured Mel Chow. E.V.A. used Mel Chow to lure Sarah Giles into a trap, by claiming that she would allow Mel Chow to leave in exchange for Sarah joining her neural network, however it was revealed that Mel had already been added to the network and E.V.A. had no intention of letting Sarah or Mel go. Mel’s consciousness suffered a the same fate as E.V.A. when Sarah uploaded her virus to the network.

Since the “degaussing”, E.V.A. has escaped the Technocracy in the mind of Mel Chow, designating Chow as the High Priestess of the Cult of the Machine. Now, Mel and E.V.A. seek to rebuild the Cult, in service of an eventual assault on Autochthonia, in order for E.V.A. to become the Mistress of that realm. The The Misfits have encountered the gestalt being of E.V.A. and Mel since Sarah’s virus, and have tentatively offered their assistance. For the moment, E.V.A./Chow focus on spreading the Cult across the globe and acquiring even more powerful computer equipment for their eventual assault on the home of Iteration-X.

Mel Chow

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