A dark elf in exile


Malekki is a mysterious and powerful dark elf who resides in Midgaard, more specifically, in Norway. He is known to dispense wisdom and take on human apprentices.

He left Svartalfheim hundreds of years ago after a dispute with his sister, and her husband King Alfred.

Rory Cooper was told of Malekki by the Fae. It was suggested delivering Malekki to King Alfred would curry favour. It took Cooper more than two years and travels across the realms before he was able to track him down.

Cooper delivered gifts in the hope he might have a conversation to divine the nature of the elf’s exile and learn if he was at all interested in returning to Svartalfheim. Malekki explained he was content to remain in Midgaard, and to stay separate from the politics and scheming of the dark elf court.

Less than a day later, Cooper inadvertently discovered he may have exposed Malekki’s whereabouts to King Alfred. Fearing an impending attack, the Misfits rushed to defend the dark elf’s home.

Malekki seemed unperturbed by the incoming attack and ordered Cooper to do menial labours like sweeping, fetching water and washing dishes. Feeling guilty and a great sense of obligation Cooper begrudgingly undertook the tasks.

Nicholas Black taught Malekki to play chess while the Misfits waited for the attack.

Then, as other obligations in England began to press upon them, Black and Art Valentine returned home, leaving Cooper in Norway.


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