Trickster God


Loki Lie-smith is the adopted son of Odin the Allfather, and is considered one of the Aesir, despite the fact that he is a frost giant by birth. Loki has a complicated relationship with the rest of the Aesir. He is a trickster by nature, which is aided by his natural shapeshifting abilities and his facility for sorcery.

Loki seems to have taken an interest in Karl Magnusson‘s Dwarven Rebellion; he took Akiko Ninube to see Magnusson in Asgard, in exchange for her promise that she would foment violence between the Dwarven rebels and the Stoneheart clan of Dwarves by framing Erik Shieldbreaker for the murder of Snorri. So invested in this scheme was Loki that when Akiko was killed by T-13, Loki ventured into Yomi and bartered for Akiko’s soul.

Now, Akiko is returned to Earth, and Loki sends her on tasks while he works to bring his ultimate design to fruition.


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