Lacey Marsh

Loyal adminstrator


Lacey Marsh is a kindly and reserved older woman.


Lacey Marsh is an intelligent and kind older woman. After her retirement as a school teacher, she found herself with too much time on her hands. No longer distracted with an eight to five lifestyle, she began to notice the deteriorating trends in Birmingham, particularly in the Gun Quarter. Deciding that she could make a difference, she ran for city council, enlisting a number of her former coworkers and friends in her knitting circle to help her campaign. Despite being favoured in the polls, she lost the election to her opponent Nicholas Black.

Shortly after the election, Nicholas Black met with Lacey Marsh and complimented her on her campaign, moral ideals and her plans for improvements to the Gun Quarter. He asked for her help in improving Birmingham, offering her the chance to make a difference as his assistant. Surprised by his kindness and sincerity, Lacey readily agreed and since then, the two have worked closely to bring the city council to action in Birmingham’s rehabilitation.

Lacey Marsh is a city councillor in all but name as she has unofficially taken over the work load of Art Valentine, as the man never seems to be around to do his job.

Lacey Marsh

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