King Alfred

Dark Elf ruler of Svartalfheim


King Alfred is the rule of Svartalfheim, and King of the Dark Elves. King Alfred presents himself as a vain, almost dandyish, sybarite. However, beneath his foppish exterior, King Alfred is an extremely cunning and cruel man. Under King Alfred, the Dark Elves possess enchanted weaponry and powerful sorcery, such that they are feared in all of the Nine Realms save Asgard and Muspelheim.

King Alfred was once the Court Sorcerer to Queen Advaila, previous ruler of Svartalfheim. It was Alfred who suggested the attack on Nidavellir that resulted in the capturing of Dwarves and the creation of the caste system in Svartalfheim. Although the attack was a great success that ensured the wealth and power of the Dark Elves, Queen Advaila never returned, and her fate is unknown. Alfred used the political influence he gained by orchestrating the successful attack to have himself appointed as ruler in Queen Advaila’s absence.

King Alfred is distantly related to The King of Winter. He recently used this relationship to press his claim, and sanctioned an expedition of a force of dark elves who have established a fortification in the winter king’s realm.

King Alfred

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