Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker

A haunted man who fights ghosts with esoteric science


Str. 2, Dex. 3, Sta. 3/ App.2, Cha. 2, Man. 2/ Int. 4, Wits 3, Per. 3
Alertness 2, Awareness 2, Brawl 2, Dodge 2/Firearms 2, Stealth 2, Technology 4/ Academics 4, Cosmology 1, Enigmas 3, Occult 5, Science 4
Arete 4
Spirit 4, Prime 3, Matter 2
Willpower 7
Resonance: Dynamic 2 (Electric)
Sanctum 1, Wonder 3 (Electric Pentacle), Avatar 3


As a child, Karnacki was haunted, literally. At night, as he lay in his bed, spirits would torment and terrify him. He came to love the light of day, when logic and reason could be applied to everything, and he grew a great love of science. But at night, all of that went out the window. But rather than losing faith in science, Karnacki let this seeming contradiction motivate him to try to reconcile the differences. Though he was often ridiculed, as he studied science more intently, Karnacki developed a theory to incorporate “extra-dimensional” energies into conventional science – he was aided in this by like-minded Sons of Ether, who helped him develop his signature “Electric Pentacle”, the means by which Karnacki contains extra-dimensional energy. Now The Ghost-Taker devotes his life to helping those who are haunted, the way he once was.

Karnacki is a distracted, and at times timid, man, but when it comes time to face extra-dimensional entities, he does not back down.

Karnacki and his allies, The Doctor and Michael Hopkins, were recently officially recognized as a cabal by the mages of Birmingham.

Karnacki is a colleague of Dr. Ethan Bell. Although they approach it from different perspectives, they both have a keen interest in the dimensional sciences. Karnacki introduced Dr. Bell to the Misfits, to collaborate on the hunt for the Child of the Night. He also helped Michael Hopkins prepare for his mission into The Cathedral of Bone.

Karnacki considers The Misfits to be allies as the Misfits have always supported their endeavours, even going above and beyond the call of what acquaintances would normally do.

Karnacki has found another ally in Art Valentine, who has offered his help to Karnacki’s cabal whenever needed. He even evaluated the small node that the Triptych formed. Karnacki has focused his efforts recently on hunting down a number of baneful spirits that have recently appeared in Birmingham from some unknown cause.

Karnacki, The Ghost-Taker

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