High Priestess


Goodberry is the High Priestess of the Glastonbury Tor Coven. She is well loved for her wisdom, and it is said that she is fae-touched; according to the stories, Goodberry spent 10 years in the Court of The Summer Queen as her personal attendant. Goodberry is good friends with Morgan Lafayette and is a good guardian and shepherd of the druids of Glastonbury Tor.

After Art Valentine presented himself to the druids of Glastonbury Tor on the evening of Samhain in 1986, Goodberry was initially wroth. She had heard only terrible things about Art from Morgan, but Goodberry was forced to relent to the wishes of her coven, who wished to support King Arthur reborn. Upon being showed the scabbard for Excalibur gifted by Art by the Lady of the Lake, Goodberry softened her feelings toward the King somewhat, and now waits to see if he can live up to his kingly mantle.

This reprieve towards Art was short lived. When Morgan presented her case before The Accord, it cemented in Goodberry’s mind that Art’s mission is folly. Though she has withdrawn her support from Art, the support of Glastonbury Tor remains on the side of the king.


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