Elias Elgin

Dispossessed aristocrat


Elias Elgin is the scion of a wealthy and well-respected family with a most embarrassing secret: a series of bad investments and poor decisions have left the family all but destitute. The Elgins do their best to keep up appearances, but the strain grows by the day and it is getting harder and harder to keep the creditors at bay.

Elias studies Jurisprudence at the University of Oxford, where his natural superciliousness serves him well in masking his true financial situation. Due to his family connections, Elias is a member of the prestigious Bullingdon Club, but the profligacy of the club has put Elias under considerable strain. He would do nearly anything to improve his financial situation without tipping his hand. Fortunately, he has recently been introduced to a wealthy and discreet American named Nicholas Black, who has offered him a most interesting business proposal…

Elias was on the cusp of taking the deal with Nicholas when he was suddenly approached with an even better offer from Julian Sinclair. Not one to be used, Elias soon realized that the timing was too coincidental and it was likely that he was being recruited specifically so that Julian could get to Nicholas Black. As such, Elias offered to be a double agent for Nicholas Black, and in exchange Elias would be able to collect two salaries, one from each of his employers. As a gesture of goodwill, Nicholas offered him one million pounds for the meagre price of Elias’ soul. The young aristocrat didn’t hesitate to accept.

Rather dissatisfied with his performance in providing information regarding Julian Sinclair, Nicholas Black took the young Elgin to task. With Julian Sinclair is out of the picture, Elias knows he will have to do something he has never had to do before to prove himself valuable to Nicholas: work hard.

Elias Elgin

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