A gluttonous fallen angel


Eli is one of the angels cast out from Heaven by God. He was sentenced to walk the Earth until Armageddon, where he will be destroyed with the rest of the soulless beings, banished from Heaven and Salvation for eternity.

Before The Fall, he was a beloved figure in Heaven and acted as a muse in his Earthly capacity, granting inspiration and passion to the human artists worthy of God’s love and attention. His mission was to foster the glory of God through the creation of art that would honour the Lord.

Eli was an eager and happy worker, until the rebellion, when angel turned on angel and Heaven was split by civil war. As an artist, Eli refused to fight or take sides, believing himself above the conflict.

When it was settled, the rebels were cast out. Eli and those who refused to fight were seen as traitors and also cast out from Heaven. Instead of being placed in Hell with the other Fallen Angels, he was given a corpulent, fleshly body to inhabit until the end of days.

Nick and Rory paid Eli a visit after being sent on a search for an ancient text by the Serpent Society. Eli proposed Rory perform a sexual act in exchange for information, but Rory, loyal to his girlfriend Jack, and having both a sense of dignity and homophobia, refused. Nick also sensed the danger of the power Eli possesses and beat a hasty retreat.

Months later, Nick came into possession of a powerful artifact that proved a liability. He gifted into to Eli, hoping to curry favour and secret it away. A short time after that, Nick received a package at his office from Eli, the Codex Gigas, the same ancient text he had gone in search of earlier.


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