Dom Vito

Corpulent Capo


Dominick Vito is a capo of the Genovese Crime Family in New York. He has a taste for the finer things in life, including clothes, cars, wine, food, and of course, women. However, anyone who mistakes Dom as soft because of his size is likely making a deadly mistake – he is strong, and relentless when angered.

Dom and the soldiers under him manage numbers and protection rackets in Manhattan. Occasionally, Dom’s soldiers work as muscle for hire, and Dom is very good at recognizing and seizing opportunities. His most recent opportunity involves an alliance with oyabun of the New York Yakuza, Shinzo Watanabe, regarding a mahjong parlour known as the Lotus Blossom. In exchange for the alliance, Vito asked for Val’s service reliving a treasured memory, a request that Watanabe reluctantly granted.

Dom Vito

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