Doctor Quantum

A garrulous expert on quantum energy


The man who would become known as Doctor Quantum was fascinated with science at an early age; although he comes from a blue-collar background, a chemistry set under the Christmas tree one year started a life-long passion. Quantum threw himself into his studies with a single-minded determination, and after graduating from high school at an exceptionally young age, he was being courted with scholarships from some of the top technical schools in the world. He eventually went to MIT, where some of his theories on Quantum particles turned some heads in the scientific community. What Quantum really wanted, however, was for everyone to love science as much as he did. Quantum made some contacts, and his natural charisma meant that it was easy for him to convince some television producers to produce a science show for children, with Quantum as the host.

Quantum was dedicated to bringing real, important science to children, but in a fun, accessible way that engaged the imagination. Dr. Quantum’s Funlab was a huge success, but the Doctor himself began to receive some strange fan mail: strange ramblings and pseudo-scientific theories scrawled in a shaky hand. Nevertheless, the letters captured Quantum’s attention, and he tracked down a strange book mentioned in them – the Kitab al Alacir. The book changed everything – after devouring the book, the Doctor truly became Doctor Quantum. Soon, the science featured on Dr. Quantum’s Funlab became highly theoretical, and some in the scientific community alleged highly crazy. It didn’t take long for the community at large to shun Doctor Quantum and his strange new ideas. Of course, most of the members of the Sons of Ether find the Tradition after being shunned by mainstream society…

Today, Doctor Quantum has gone back to pushing the very limits of science, and plumbing the depths of Quantum energy. Quantum still loves science, and he still enjoys sharing his love of science with others – the Sons of Ether find him a valuable member because he has a talent of distilling complex scientific theory into comprehensible language for non-scientists to understand.

Doctor Quantum typically conducts his experiments alone, because he believes much of the work he does is too dangerous to subject others to. However, he corresponds with a group of fellow Sons that call themselves The Colloquium; the group recently met in Birmingham to perform a vast experiment on the transference of quantum energy, and Doctor Quantum was pleased to make the acquaintance of and explain the science to Akiko Ninube.

Doctor Quantum

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