Detective James Riker

A world-weary detective


Every day, Detective James Riker wakes up and wonders if he is the last person on earth genuinely dedicated to the idea of justice. His colleagues are as much the bad guys as the criminals they pursue, and the public at large are cynical or blase at best, and downright suspicious or even hostile at worst. Riker has taken to the use of heroin to dull the pain of the existential gulf he experiences every day – he know’s the activity is illegal, but in the grand scheme, it helps him do more good.

Perhaps this unorthodox approach typifies Riker’s relationship with David Joy: David was once interrogated by Riker for information on a murder in which David drove the perpetrator away from the scene of the crime at gunpoint. Riker and Joy have an uneasy truce in which David provides street information to the detective in exchange for finding out police activity. Riker’s perspicacity and nose for corruption have lead him to the conclusion that there are larger forces at work behind the corruption in the hall’s of justice, which means certain people are paying attention to Riker as well.

Detective Riker was able to provide a dossier on Samantha Styles, a young woman who was declared MIA from the Army, and who The Misfits believe is also known as Karen Allen.

Detective James Riker

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