Denton Hull

A Birmingham skinhead.


Denton is a rival from another skinhead gang. His boys skirmish occasionally with Rory’s group and engage in petty theft and crime.

Known for his aggression, relative cunning and brutality – Denton has been steadily making a name for himself within the Birmingham white power community, including those who operate behind closed doors and move within more polite society.

He is an effective soldier but his violent rages make him an unpredictable asset. Recently, he has been moving to undermine Rory by spreading rumours about botched jobs and failure to be loyal and true to the cause. He believes Rory is undeserving of the respect and jobs being offered by Bulldog – and sees these things as something owed to him.

Alice, one of Rory’s ex-girlfriends, is now dating Denton. She manipulates him in various and sundry ways to achieve her own ends.

Recently, Denton can’t catch a break. His unpredictable behaviour alienated him from the groups who would’ve been inclined to employ him and raise him up, including John Bull.

Denton and his boys were hanging out when they came upon Rory Cooper walking alone in the streets of Birmingham. Outnumbering Rory more than seven to one, they prepared to beat him. Rory, eager for a fight, did little to warn them off and actually insisted on a fight.

In their apparent zeal and through most unfortunate luck and circumstance caused by Rory’s potent magic, they ended up getting more in each other’s way than actually landing any meaningful blows. Between slipping on gravel and wet pavement, tripping on each other and accidentally punching their mates, they were no match for Rory. Rory used his brass knuckles to dispatch the whole crew, beating Denton to within a figurative inch of his life, leaving him with some missing teeth, a shattered orbital socket, broken collar bone and fractured ribs.

Denton was recovering in a full body cast in the Birmingham hospital. Nicholas Black, after learning of Rory’s abuse of his powers bemusedly admonished Rory for becoming the exact kind of monster that the Technocracy tries to defend against. Nicholas learned of Denton Hull’s upbringing from Woody and discovered that Denton was never able to finish school and was frequently beaten by his father. Nicholas visited Denton in the hospital to take the lad’s measure and make him an interesting offer. Since then, he’s asked Lacey Marsh to visit Denton and help to provide him with the education he never had. She has taken a liking to Denton, seeing a fierce intelligence in the young man and a yearning for approval and spends a few hours every day reading to him and instructing him.

Denton made a speedy recovery thanks to Rory Cooper’s unwitting aid and managed to get his life somewhat in order after completing his physical therapy in the hospital. Thanks to the influence of Lacey and Nicholas, Denton was able to obtain a job working for the city as a janitor at city hall. Denton continues to benefit from Lacey’s tutelage and Nicholas Black’s occasional donations of money and advice.

The death of Alice left Denton alone to raise a child, worrying many in the community about his mental and emotional health and well-being. When Nick inquired after Denton, he was unable to find him or the child.

Denton Hull

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