David Hitchcock

Mighty Knight


Nature: Traditionalist Demeanour: Traditionalist
Cult: New Camelot

Str 3/Dex 3/Sta 4
Cha 2/Man 2/App 2
Int 2/Wit 2/Per 3
Willpower 3
Alertness 2, Area Knowledge (Birmingham) 2, Dodge 1, Athletics 2, Melee 3, Academics 3, Brawl 3, Politics 2, Intimidation 2

Attack: Broadsword (Diff 6, 4/6 dice (in armor/out), 5L dmg)
Armor: Full Plate, 5 dice lethal soak, -2 dice to dexterity pools


David Hitchcock has always been someone who could be described as a “good boy”. Larger than other children his size, David was always gentle, unless it came time to protect others: he could be absolutely ferocious in the defense of others. Although David was studying Political Science, he was drawn to Art Valentine‘s Introduction to Medieval Literature. For his part, Art sensed David’s nobility, and invited him to join New Camelot.

David has enjoyed fellowship with his fellow members of New Camelot, and he looks forward to the opportunity to protect others whenever he can.

David Hitchcock

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