Darius Pointe and Franklin Blanke

Techoncracy Thugs


Darius Pointe is a tall, thin man with an unhealthy pallour. He is as eloquent as he is sadistic, and though he is happy to allow his partner, Mr. Blanke, to mete out punishment, Mr. Pointe often directs him in the optimal application of pain.

Franklin Blanke is short and stocky, with a face as knobby as his knuckles. He is not nearly as prolix as his partner, but his thuggish demeanour belies a deep cunning. Mr. Blanke punches first and asks questions later.

Despite their very different body types, Mr. Pointe and Mr. Blanke dress very similarily: a black suit with a white dress shirt and black tie, black mirror shades, and a black bowler hat. Their suits conceal cunningly designed holsters which hide standard issue Technocracy X-23 Protector pistols, as well as other gadgets as befits their mission.

Both Mr. Pointe and Mr. Blanke were killed while capturing T-13.

Name: Mr. Pointe and Mr. Blanke Convention: Iteration X Essence: Pattern Nature: Fanatic Demeanour: Construct
Attributes: Dex: 5 Sta: 6 Str :6 /App: 2 Cha: 1 Man: 3/Int: 2 Per: 3 Wits: 3
Abilities: Abilities – Alertness 3, Dodge 3, Brawl 5/Skills -Drive 3, Firearms 5, Interrogation 3, Torture 3, Technology 2/ Knowledges -Investigation 3, Computer 2/
Backgrounds: Enhancements 5
Willpower: 5
Paradox: 5
Enhancements: 1 die primium (Counter-Magic), 1 die Armor, X-5 Protector


Darius Pointe and Franklin Blanke

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