A gomer who realizes not all is exactly as it seems.


A bit witless and lazy, Damian was unceremoniously dumped by Val and had his memory temporarily erased while she moved out of their shared apartment.

He has secured himself a job as a Xerox copy machine jockey at a print shop to make rent each month.

Val has utterly disappeared from his life but their friends in their shared social circle claim to see her out and about. Damian would like nothing more than to confront Val about slapping him in the head for their breakup and to tell her off for making fun of the size of his penis.

From time to time, he experiences waves of nostalgia due to his relationship with Val. (When she wiped his memory, she inadvertently marked him with some of her resonance, which acts somewhat like a homing beacon for Damian, but he is not consciously aware of this fact.


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