Wise shaman


Dávved is a noaidi, a wise and well-respected shaman of the Sami people. He travels around Scandinavia, ministering to the spiritual needs of various nomadic communities with his son, who is also named Dávved. Not only is Dávved Senior widely revered among the Sami, his knowledge and prowess is such that his wisdom on matters of Spirit is often sought by members of the traditions. Dávved is particularly talented at Spirit diplomacy and chiminage, and can sometimes be convinced to act as an mediator for particularly thorny situations.

Dávved was sought by The Misfits because his son might have proved to be a suitable replacement Emissary. Dávved agreed to the arrangement, so long as a suitable replacement could be found for the boy as an apprentice. Ultimately, the Misfits chose a different option to replace the Emissary, but they eventually returned when Adrian Cross required a mentor who could keep him away from the forces of evil. Dávved agreed to shepherd the wayward boy, taking him and his own son on his journeys throughout Northern Europe and the realms of spirit.


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