Cybil Howard

Fierce soldier and protectress


Cybil Howard was born in Kennard, Nebraska, and has always been a take- person. She spent much of her youth sport-hunting with her father, and after high school joined the military. After serving for a number of years, Cybil left the Army and became a soldier of fortune, working as a guide and protector for scientific and anthropological expeditions. It was during this time that she met Gaia, and was inducted into the Sisters of Hippolyta. The Sisters gave Cybil a purpose that her life was previously lacking, but over time she became increasingly frustrated by the passivity of the Sisters, especially given they were named after a fierce warrior queen. With her wife, Paige Herod, Cybil left Gaia and traveled to Greece, to found The Hounds of Artemis.

Cybil is the war leader of The Hounds of Artemis. She believes it is every woman’s right and responsibility to make sure she can defend herself, and she makes sure that every member of the Hounds can handle a variety of small arms and is proficient in basic hand-to-hand maneuvers. Cybil keeps the Hounds’ skills at stealth, tracking, and weaponry sharp by taking them on hunting trips – although the animals that are caught are honoured and sanctified by Paige. Unlike Paige, Cybil is not Awakened, but she is aware of magic and is an important member of all the rituals that occur at the Hounds’ compound.

She joined Rory on his quest for the Golden Hind and played an integral role as a guide and huntress, persevering through the humidity and wearying hunt. She played no small part, and proved invaluable to the hunt by striking the Golden Hind with her arrow, buying Rory enough time to finish it off.

Cybil Howard

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