Councilman John Hunt

A city councilman dabbling with dark powers beyond his ken


John Hunt is a man with more ambition than talent. He began his career as a school-teacher, before becoming a principal. Mr. Hunt had his sights set higher, however, and after just two years as a principal he took a job at the School Board. He wasn’t there long, however, before he turned his attention towards a career in politics. It didn’t take him long to get elected to city council, but his career seemed to stagnate there. But John’s ambitions wouldn’t allow that – he knew he was going to be the Prime Minister one day, but next stop was the mayor’s office. The only problem was, John didn’t have the skills to make himself noticed. But then John met Mr. Twist, and Mr. Twist gave him a very special book. According to the book, all John had to do were some special rituals, and all his dreams would come true. John was skeptical, but he performed one of the “lesser” rituals, and the next day a major bill he proposed was passed unanimously. John was hooked – he performed more and more of the rituals in the book, and his star began to rise. He also began to collect like-minded individuals – more participants made the rituals more potent.

Rumour has it that Councilman John Hunt could well be the next mayor of Birmingham, and what happens in his basement is his business alone. Little does John realize that there are many people – and things – to whom he owes favours, and it’s only a matter of time before they come to collect.

John Hunt’s wife came to Rupert Cain with her concerns about her husband’s dealings, as she understood Cain was something of an expert on Satanism and she believed that her husband was tied up in some kind of dark cult. Hunt’s wife was killed not long after, in a way that mimicked that of The Silence Killer. However, Rupert Cain and Nicholas Black discovered that Hunt had actually ritualistically killed his wife and sacrificed her spirit to The Child of Night; upon discovering this grisly fact, Cain obliterated the misguided and selfish man.

Councilman John Hunt

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